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Because once wasn't enough
I've learned my lesson. If it fails once, it's probably going to fail the second, third and fourth times. It's not that I'm a masochist, or that I even like pain, but for some reason I keep letting him in---allowing him to hurt me. Well, I'm over it. Today is the start of a new Chris. From now on, I'm over it, and him. I've deleted him from my buddy list, my friends list and subsequently, from my life.

At any rate, I won't  be using this blog to rant, or to throw bitch fits often. I plan on using it to collect my thoughts, and to organize myself. 

Today's diet consisted of:
-Buscits and Gravey
-2 Cups of chips
-Boca Burger
-French fries
-6 Sodas
-Piece of cake

What I need to cut out this week:
-Caffeinated drinks (Soda, coffee, energy drinks, etc)

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Dude. You're cutting all caffeine? You're nuts. Officially. I would never dare. Coffee make Kyra happy...
Coincidentally I was about to start my Spanish homework and thought of you.
Hope you have a good day.
Talk to you tonight, probably.

ps- The word is gravy, not gravey.

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